Tuesday, 11 February 2014

About me

Thank you everyone to visit my page here.

I am Lilly Madan and I have started blogging my cooking ideas when I was on a little break from my career.

First of all, I thank my hubby who gives me courage to blog my ideas in this space. Whenever i do write my personal notes, he had insisted me to create a blog and post them instead of noting them down in personal diary.

Sometimes back, when i was feeling that i have no time to spend with my kid and family for the whole day and to make my time with my kid as the precious one. My hubby would always say 'But be sure to make your time the most precious when you are with your precious kid'. Now the time has come to have a break in my work and to stay with my family. 

Whenever I visit my relatives or friends house, I would be the first one who will be directly invited to their kitchen to let my ideas on what they are preparing by that time. I would feel like I am gifted to get this freedom to get control of their the kitchen with my ideas.This thing ensures me that my relatives and friends do love my preparation and that gives me more courage to write on this space. 

I would always love to thank my appa and amma who had trained me to involve in all their cooking stuffs which made me to learn and try new ideas everyday.

I would love to thank my mother-in-law for her support for letting me to learn new stuffs everyday.whenever i try new stuffs, she would be the first one who would add her valuable comments to make the things perfect.Of course she trained me the time management on cooking. I would really thank her for taking care of my kid with her love and care when i was at work & cook

I would love to start with the food recipes which i tried right from my childhood days.

I rarely watch the cook programs in TV and read the cook tips from the books. I do visit others kitchen to learn new stuff. Recently i started watching few food blogs. The recipes which i would present will be mostly from my friends' and relatives' kitchen secrets.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blogs!!! :-)


  1. Lovely lilly...me too a gr8 fan of ur food...

  2. Nice to be found, Please try a menu of food type to choose. Would it be meat, vegetable, seafood etc?