Tuesday, 4 March 2014



I would be very very happy to post this macaroon receipe. Making macaroons at home is my dream right from my childhood days. Tuticorin macaroons are the best in india. Whevever we go to our granys home, we would buy a bunch of macroons and enjoy having them little by little. Making them at home is always special. I know the bakers make cakes with egg as one among their ingredients. I was wondering how they are making  this special thing with only beaten egg, few nuts and sugar. But now I did it. I feel like I ve done the toughest thing of the baking. I have done a lot of trails to make this one success. My hubby and my kid gave me a helping hand. All you need is a whisk to beat the eggs to raise like a foam. The following recipe yiels 25 medium sized macaroons.


Eggs - 2 no.s
Sugar - 1/2 cup(150gm approx.)
Cashew - 10 no.s( i used less cashews)

Cooking steps

  1. Break the eggs and extract only egg whites.( If you have refrigerated the eggs, take them out 30mins before you make them. you cant get macaroons batter when you whisk cold eggs). 
  2. Powder sugar and keep aside
  3. Coarsely powder the cashews and keep aside ( i used my mortar and pestle to powder them).
  4. Take a large bowl and put egg whites in it. slightly turn the bowl as shown in the pic.(you cannot get foam if you keep the bowl straight.The concept is to take the air and make the egg to have the air inside to form foams).
  5. Using the whisk slowly beat the egg whites in circular motion till you get the complete foam. (do not stop whisking at any stage. i know its harder to whisk continuously)
  6. Slowly add tsp by tsp of powdered sugar and beat the egg continuously( do not add sugar more than a tsp at a time. This will make the eggs to acquire running consistency at once)
  7. To ensure the consistency of final batter, turn the bowl upside down and make sure the foams will not drop down. Stop whisk at this stage.
  8. Add the the powdered cashews just before piping
  9. Preheat oven to 160 deg celsius
  10. Fill up the piping bag and slowly make macaroons in shell form in the baking sheet.
  11. Place the baking sheet in the middle rack and bake till the tip of the macroons is crispy(it took 25 mins approx to bake).
  12. Allow the macaroons to cool down for 5 mins and keep it in airtight container.

My 2 cents
  • For coloured macroons, you can add food colors also before start beating eggs.
  • you can use electric whisk also. Hand whisk is bit harder , but if you make lesser then use hand whisk.
  • I do not have a large piping bag, so rolled a newspaper like cone and used for piping the macaroons


  1. So easy and yummy looking macaroons! Keep posting new and different recipes Lilly..

  2. Lilly, kalakkara pa... Super...