Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Instant Honey Candy

Instant honey candy

Honey candy
Every kid loves candy and my kid charan is not an odd one. He is very fond of honey also. I know honey is good for health and we cannot make any candy with honey itself.
Last month when we had gone for winterlude, we enjoyed having maple candy which is made of hot maple syrup filled on the snow bed and then rolled like a candy. By looking at them, I just got an idea of making the honey candy for my kid. Once I reached home, I tried with snow and that came out well.I planned to try it using ice bar so only i can make the same even after we reach india. So I tried it with ice bar and that came out so well. Its a very easy one and can be made within 5 mins. Charan enjoyed it a lot. Here is the recipe. 


Honey - 4 tsp ( for 4 candies)
Ice cube/bar - 1 (large)
sticks - 4

Making Steps

  1. Place the large ice bar in a tray.
  2. Pour a tsp of honey on it and wait till it become solid( within 1 min)

  3. Place the stick at the centre and slowly roll it for a candy shape.

My 2 cents

Melts in time, so have it once its done, else refrigerate and have later.

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